DNA Skin: Oxidation, Detoxification, and Inflammation El Paso Health
DNA Skin: Oxidation, Detoxification, & Inflammation

The health of our skin is critical. It is constantly being exposed to many damaging items. However, it is one of the last things we think about to protect. Part of taking care of our skin is protecting it from oxidative stress, toxins, performing regular detoxification, and ensuring we have minimal inflammation. However, just like other factors in life, some of us are genetically pre-disposed to specific issues regarding the skin and its health. To best help our patients with their skin health, we use DNA Skin from DNA Life. It is a genetic test that allows us to gain insight on what areas they are genetically predisposed to and what steps we can take to best protect them

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Mitochondrial Dysfunction & The Nervous System | El Paso Health Coach

Mitochondrial Dysfunction & The Nervous System

The mitochondria is the “powerhouse of the cell”. It obtained this nickname by being the creator of ATP, or the energy our body produces to carry out functions. However, the mitochondria is responsible for so much more than that. More recently, studies have been showing a link between mitochondrial health and degenerative age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and others. Mitochondrial dysfunction can be linked and grouped into three categories: neurodegenerative diseases, immune diseases, and hepatic diseases.

Stress: How Stress Leads To Burnout & Inflammation | El Paso Health Coach

Stress: How Stress Leads to Burnout & Inflammation

Stress & Inflammation are responsible for the majority of chronic health conditions. When stress becomes too frequent, the communication between the signals in the body misfire. This leads to an increase in hormone production and a decrease in body functions (example: the Krebs cycle). We evaluate the stressors occurring in your life, pair them with top of the line diagnostic testing, and create a personalized plan for you to ensure your body receives the healing it needs.