I am a nutritionist with a strong research background and experience in the nutritional management of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Through my nutritional career, I have been able to provide help through personalized diets and nutritional education to people with food allergies, gestational diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and patients in need of enteral or parenteral nutrition. My objective is to pursue the improvement of my community´s health through the application of nutritional education.

Star Médica/2015- present.

Provide dietetic guidance through nutritional assessment, biochemical, dietetic, and body composition monitoring. Actively with pediatricians, internal medicine physicians, and gastric surgeons we try to improve the patient’s health by providing a patient-centered integral treatment.


  • Create personalized menu plans for patients with food allergies (mostly kids) and work for hand in hand with their parents by providing current information about adequate products for this kind of diet therapy.
  • Provide nutritional and dietetic information for newly diagnosed diabetic patients.
  • Perioperative nutrition management for patients of elective gastric surgery.
  • Nutritional management of overweight and obesity.
  • Management of FODMAP´s for patients with chronic colitis or inflammatory bowel disease.



National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán/2014-2016

During my two years of graduate school, I was able to assist and participate in multiple topics of investigation in the department of Nutritional Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition.

  • The identification through ELISA of adiponectin isoforms in the blood plasma of patients with different BMI´s.
  • Quantification of Trimethylamine in different species of edible fish in Mexico, for the later introduction in the diet therapy of patients with a colostomy.


National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán/2012-1013

As a research intern in the Animal Nutrition department, I was in charge of the correct application of laboratory procedures as described by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, analyzing laboratory results, reading and transcribing current information for its subsequent inclusion in published articles.

  • Analysis of lipid content and profile of Mexican fish species with the objective of knowing which fish could be used in the diet therapy of CKD.
  • Application of sensory test of different fish recipes for the inclusion in the diet therapy of patients with CKD.
  • HOSPITAL NUTRITIONISTMexican Institute of Social Security/ 2018-PresentAssess through SGA hospitalized patients to determine nutritional risk, prescribe, and/or follow medical orders with the referral of nutritional therapy. Supervision of foodservice and safety of food preparation.
    • Plan, prepare, and manage enteral nutrition therapy.
    • Supervision of milk bank procedures and stock prevent milk shortages.
    • Dietetic consult, nutritional assessment, and providing menu plans to outpatients.
    • Provide nutritional education to hospitalized patients and family members.
    • Supervision of the ensembled food trays for hospitalized patients.


    Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez/2016-2019


    Taught classes filled with current and relevant information, mainly referencing guidelines and articles of ESPEN, ASPEN, AHA, WHO, and IOM. The topics that I was in charge of teaching were: Nutritional assessment and diagnosis (laboratory and practice), Laboratory of Diet and nutritional calculus (through life stages), and Clinical nutritional practice (adults and the elderly). As well as contributing with different classes/topics in the Certificate of Nutritional Treatment of Kidney Disease.

    • Assessment of the nutritional status of the patient with kidney disease.
    • Protein-energy wasting in the CKD (chronic kidney disease) patient.
    • Medical-Nutritional treatment of acute kidney illness.
    • Antioxidants and their use in CKD.

    Participated in the Nutrition Student Conference 2017 with the topic presentation of The ABCD in the Nutritional Assessment of Cancer Patient

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