There are six dimensions of wellness that incorporate all different aspects of life. These six dimensions promote emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. All of these factors are highly important and have a direct impact on health. “Getting healthy” does not simply relate to just exercise and clean eating, but rather working on and incorporating these pillars of wellness into your life. 

Wellness is an independent pursuit that we all search for in life. As humans, we bring it upon ourselves to have a responsibility relating to our own choices and behaviors we choose. Achieving wellness is more than being free from illness, it is striving for personal growth in all aspects of your health and continually working each day to make it better. To do this we all must make the conscious choice each day to reach our wellness goals. 

Reaching your wellness goals starts by putting them together. We will sit down together and talk through what you hope to achieve. We will then evaluate these goals and start putting them into an attainable order. We celebrate small victories because every inch of progress is a step in the right direction. Wellness goals do not need to be specific towards fitness but will include all dimensions of wellness. 

By incorporating the six dimensions of wellness into your life, healing will come to the body as a second nature. The body is interconnected and relies on the signals the systems internally send to one another. By creating wellness and peace in all six dimensions, we are ensuring the signals will all communicate properly with no interruptions, resulting in optimal health. 

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