Nutrition is the dietary support your body needs to provide proper nutrients, energy, and function to cells. We are able to use tools such as biology and lab testing to understand the genetic makeup of each individual. This allows us to assess the correct diet and nutrition needed for you to see optimal results. 

Nutrition is not only for weight loss or weight gain, but provides key essentials in building and maintaining a strong immune system. Nutrition is directly related to growth, development, inflammation, headaches, and more! Nutrition can be categorized into two main sections, Micronutrients and Macronutrients. These are the essential compounds the body needs to properly function. Applying this nutritional knowledge along with lab results will unlock your new level of potential.  Using nutrition as medicine can greatly improve your overall health status and well as reduce symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Nutritional education has been underrepresented in many institutions. However, nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to healing and seeing progress. The way the body reacts to food can make or break a treatment plan. We have the ability to test what foods are causing your system inflammation and irritation. In some cases, commonly ingested foods could hinder your progress and create distress throughout the gut.  We work with you to create a program that you will want to stick with because it is attainable and unique to your lifestyle. 

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