Southwest functional medicine uses a unique blend of functional medicine*, nutritional wellness, and diagnostic testing to provide a personalized plan designed to assist patients with frequent headaches and migraines and other digestive complications to reduce their symptoms to improve their overall quality of life. We offer comprehensive detailed lab testing to properly make and assess a diagnosis. 

Headaches vs Migraines 

Headaches can be categorized as an unpleasant pain in the head ranging from mild to severe. Headaches can occur frequently and can be brought on by stress, anxiety, or most commonly tension. Other types of headaches are sinus headaches or cluster headaches. 

A migraine is intense and severe. Migraines are headaches that have other symptoms that accompany them such as:

  • Nausea
  • Pain behind the eyelids
  • Seeing spots
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Temporary vision loss
  •  Vomiting

Frequent headaches or migraines can really impact your life. One of the first steps to recovery is to pinpoint what is triggering these headaches or migraines. Oftentimes there are underlying conditions that are responsible. 

How Can Southwest Functional Medicine Help You 

The gastrointestinal tract is oftentimes related to headaches, inflammation, and other issues occurring inside the body. We begin with a long but detailed history. This is critical as it will better help us assess your symptoms and identify exactly what is triggering your headaches and migraines. Next we complete a series of diagnostic testing performed with the best labs in the nation. These results will help create an optimal plan for your recovery. The plan is created with you, our health coach, and our physician. Part of your personalized plan might include nutritional wellness, lifestyle modifications, and exercise. We understand that each patient is unique. That is why we create a unique plan specifically for you and the symptoms you feel. Together, we will gain control of your symptoms to help you get your life back! 

Functional Medicine* and Integrative Wellness requires doctors to engage in further education outside of their core training and within their scope of practice. 

*Additional Education: M.S.A.C.P – Licensed in Texas & New Mexico. Scope of Practice Governed and Determined by State License & State Board Rules & Regulations. 

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