Functional medicine requires doctors to continue their education and re-evaluate how they treat patients, including clinical decision thinking. Functional medicine stems from the basis and clinical application of understanding “whole body” wellness and the interconnection between organ systems and their processes. 

Functional medicine realizes and understands that health is much more than medicine, but relies heavily around habits and nutrition. Food was created to heal, fuel, and provide our body with the nutrients it needs to properly function. With the understanding of nutrition, whole-body wellness, and how the body communicates between systems via pathways, functional medicine promotes total body healing.  

As a functional medicine patient, we will begin by assessing a detailed history. In traditional medicine, oftentimes the right questions are not asked. Without this detailed history, doctors are left to create treatment plans solely off of symptoms. In functional medicine, we evaluate your history and make the connection to an event that happened and your current health status. This detailed history is essential to create a custom protocol. 

Functional medicine includes a detailed history, one on one appointments with a functional medicine practitioner, a customized treatment plan, all-natural supplements, health coaching, and more! 

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