Here at Southwest Functional Medicine we firmly believe that food is medicine. Food not only fuels our cells, but it has the ability to decrease inflammation and repair damage from the inside. We work with you to create a customized plan incorporating nutritional wellness that is centered around you and an evidence-based report. We can perform diagnostic testing that will show us the foods your gastrointestinal tract has reactions to as well as what you are genetically predisposed to. 

We will have you work with our health coach and track your progress each step of the way. We have an app that allows you to input your daily foods, exercise, and make notes on how certain foods make you feel. This app works directly with a scale that reports your weight, BMI, water weight, boss mass changes and more instantly to our health coach. In addition to this, you will have weekly calls with the health coach to make adjustments and access to instant message our health coach through the app 24-7. 

We will work with you to properly identify your triggers and manage the imbalances in your system.

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