Regenerative Medicine: El Paso

Regenr8 is a company we work with that developed an Epigenetic Biomarker Profile test to assess where your body is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, hindering proper expression of biochemical pathways. The test determines the impact of your environment based on your unique gene function by identifying various metabolites based on the metabolic and enzymatic cellular process. 

The test will show an assessment of overall cellular energy production, methylation activity, vitamins, inflammation and oxidative stress, sleep markers, muscular performance, gut dysbiosis, amino acids, and neurotransmitters. Based on your test results, they create an all-natural, organic, and plant-based superfood that you are able to drink daily to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

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Functional Wellness: PCOS

The first Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) conference was held in 1990 and discussed what PCOS is and how they were diagnosing and treating patients. They looked at oligo-anovulation, no ovulation, and too many androgens. Now, we use the Rotterdam criteria. This criterion groups together anovulation abnormal ovulation, clinical hirsutism acne (signs of hyperandrogens), and an ultrasound to view the presence of 12 or more follicles and determines if you have two out of those three then you are diagnosed with PCOS. There are multiple pathways that PCOS develops. Ultimately, these pathways are categorized into 4 groups: LIfestyle induced PCOS, Poor Fat Digestion/Sugar Burner, Inflammatory Diet/Poor Food Choices, and Genetic Predisposition.

Depression: A Holistic View | El Paso Texas Health

Depression: A Holistic View

11% of the population is on some type of antidepressant. Many on antidepressants are on them for years or life. However, as a functional health care provider, we know that 95% of the body’s serotonin is housed in the gut, not the brain. So if depression is a lack of serotonin, the first place you should look is the gut! Fixing the balance within the gut and decreasing inflammation have shown positive results in regards to depression.

Help Protect Yourself Against Cancer Naturally |EL Paso Health Coach

Help Protect Yourself Against Cancer Naturally

Cancer is when a group of cells begin to grow out of hand. Cellular apoptosis or cell death does not occur as frequently as needed. Some natural steps you can take to reduce your risk of cancer is to 1) control inflammation by following an anti-inflammatory diet 2) get rid of all excess toxins. Check your cleaning products and detergents for toxins that may be adding unnecessary chemicals to your body 3) continue with regular check-ups to your physician and getting blood work done when needed 4) Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How Testing Can Help You | El Paso Health Coach

How Testing Can Help You

Testing biomarkers can help practitioners determine and create a more efficient personalized plan. The LRA test by ELISA/ACT was created to test 4 separate types of immune trigger markers. These include Actue Antibodies (IgE), Humoral Antibodies (IgA, IgM, IgG), Immune Complexes, and T-Cell Regulation. These factors are all extremely important when it comes to reversing symptoms related to thyroid issues, joint pain, lupus, diabetes, IBS, and more. Accurate testing leads to accurate results!

Viruses: What Are They? | El Paso Texas Chiropractic Health Coach

Viruses: What Are They?

What exactly is a virus? A virus is actually so small it can not be seen by a microscope! But it can stay dormant in the body for years, waiting for the right time to attack. When the immune system is compromised, this allows for the virus to bind to live tissue and quickly invade a host cell. Once inside, the virus takes control and begins to multiply itself, quickly spreading throughout the body. Foods like heavy creams and coconut oil contain Monolaurin and help in dissolving the protective membrane of a virus, leaving it with no main defense mechanisms and unable to attach to a host cell.

The Connection Between Stress and Autoimmunity| El Paso Health Coach

The Connection Between Stress and Autoimmunity

Autoimmune diseases are a much larger problem than they were 10 years ago. Now, autoimmune diseases are reaching an epidemically high level with over 50 million people diagnosed. All autoimmune diseases are linked to one common condition, inflammation. An autoimmune disease is when the immune system is under constant inflammation from frequently recurring triggers. Those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease have one or more of these stressors overly present in their life:

-Chronic Emotional and Cognitive Stress
-Unhealthy Coping Patterns 
-Poor Nutrition 
-Gastrointestinal Stress
-Adrenal Stress
-Hormonal Stress 
-Inflammatory and Infectious Stress
-Toxic Stress

Testing For Immunoligical Reactions | El Paso Texas Chiropractor

Testing For Immunologic Reactions

Food allergies and sensitivities are more prevalent and are a problem that clinicians are beginning to look into more seriously. Nearly 20% of individuals have food reactions, 4% of those being an immune-mediated response. These food sensitivities can cause symptoms immediately or days after ingestion. There are 4 types of immunologic reactions and multiple ways to test for them. Some of these tests include: a prick test, the intradermal test, a RAST test, or food sensitivity tests executed by a blood draw.