Stress: How Stress Leads to Burnout & Inflammation

There are many stressors that activate the nervous system. These stressors impact the methylation process, affecting our cells and genetic processes. Methylation is important in many cellular processes that occur throughout the body at the biomechanical level. When influenced by stressors, genetic vulnerabilities begin to express resulting in inflammation, cognitive decline, depression, fatigue, and more. 

Types of Stress 

Stress is not always felt by the body but there are small stressors occurring throughout that impact important methylation cycles. An example of stressors you may or may not be aware of are: 

  • Emotional Stress 
  • Cognitive Stress 
  • Sensory Stress
  • Structural Stress (joint flexibility, posture, etc.) 
  • Metabolic Stress 
  • Toxic Stress
  • Immune Stress 
  • Endocrine Neurotramsitter Stress 
  • Purposelessness Stress 
  • Energetic Stress 

These stressors are important to recognize and correct to ensure the proper functioning of our body’s delicate systems. The autonomic nervous system consists of two parts, sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for fight or flight. The fast-paced accelerator that keeps us alive in a time of need. The parasympathetic nervous system is what helps us relax, sleep, calm down, and digest food. When the above stressors are placed on our bodies for a long period of time, we begin to experience burn out. 

Burn Out 

Burn out occurs when we have too much stimulus. When the sympathetic nervous system is “on” for too long due to constant stressors, individuals become diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, and sleep pattern problems. If the stressors continue to prevail after one of these health conditions is diagnosed, patients can then suffer from chronic fatigue disorder, all day fatigue, and depression. 

Lab Tests 

One of the best ways to diagnose and understand what stressors are occurring and where the misfire is happening down at the cellular level are lab tests. We provide a variety of lab testing, but one we specifically use to approach cortisol levels and burn out is from DUTCH. 

DUTCH cortisol testing provides insight on the daily sleep/wake pattern. 

Neurotransmitters are another highly important factor that should be taken into account. Neurotransmitters are the messengers that signal neurons and impact mental performance, emotions, pain, and energy levels. We use a neurotransmitter test from ZRT Laboratory


Stress and inflammation can be linked to serious health conditions, some thought to be permanent. Taking the proper steps to identify stressors, create a plan to combat the stressors, and having scientific data providing information, helps to ensure you receive the correct all-natural supplements to obtain optimal health. 

Stress is bound to happen, but the constant overload affects the body in more ways than one. Diagnostic lab testing is a very useful tool in providing health care practitioners with the information they need to assess where your breakdown from stress is coming from. Using these labs is also beneficial when comparing results a few months later to determine if the treatment is working. -Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach  

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