A critical component to finding solutions is first assessing what is occurring inside the body. Diagnostic and comprehensive testing helps us discover the underlying issues and where the signal pathways between the systems are being interfered

At Southwest Functional Medicine, we understand that each body, each individual, and each symptom is unique. Diagnostic testing allows us to create a personalized treatment plan for you, centered around total body wellness. To obtain the best results for our patients, we work with state of the line laboratory companies all specializing in different zones to ensure the most accurate data.

Types Of Testing Offered  


DNA testing provides accurate information on top of exposing genetic factors. DNA testing can show us the chances or susceptibility an individual has of developing a disease/condition such as cholesterol, metabolism, methylation, and risk for cancer, insulin sensitivity, salt sensitivity, blood pressure, and more! 

DNA LIFE provides us with a greater understanding of what our patients need to obtain optimal health. The genetic testing they offer includes weight management, chronic disease risk management, athletic performance, and high-intensity exercise recovery. One test that we utilize is the nutrigenomics testing DNA LIFE offers. This test studies the interactions between nutrition and genes, so we can pinpoint your exact dietary needs and responses.

Diagnostic Solutions provides us with a global view of how your genomics and epigenetics are recognized. This test covers health areas such as inflammation, structural, detoxification, anti-aging factors, cardiometabolic, gastrointestinal, and estrogen genomics. One reason this test is unique is due to the fact that even though most of our genomes are similar, there is up to 9% of the genome that varies in each individual. This allows us insight to be able to make lifestyle changes that can positively impact our patients’ life.  

While all DNA testing is important, we chose the company and test based off of each individual. Other amazing DNA testing companies Southwest Functional Medicine has available in our office include GenoMind,  Labrix, IntellxxDNA, 3×4 genetics, Viome, 23andMe, Helix, Habit, and Spectra Cell.  


Hormone testing provides many answers to functional medicine* practitioners. Hormone testing can pinpoint causes of sleep interruptions, body temperature fluctuations, difficulties with weight, and more. Both men and women experience changes in their hormone levels, and both can significantly benefit from hormone testing.  

DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. DUTCH has many different tests they offer, all revolving around hormones. One that we use to obtain a lot of information at once is DUTCH Complete. This test is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, daily cortisol patterns, organic acids, and melatonin markers. This test is excellent for individuals who have difficulty falling asleep, can not stay asleep, or still feel tired when they wake up.

Similar to DUTCH, Labrix provides a non-invasive hormone test. Labrix hormone testing is done through salivary testing. Salivary tests are another great option because they provide an accurate reflection of the body’s active hormone levels.  

Other great companies we use at Southwest Functional Medicine to test hormone levels are: Cyrex, ZRT, and SpectraCell. We base the hormone test right for you off our one on one appointments and your specific lifestyle and range of symptoms.  

GI Biome & Allergy  

The gut can be related to a large variety of symptoms and health issues. The gut houses microbes that are beneficial to our system. If these get out of line, nutrients can begin to seep back into the bloodstream and cause inflammation along with other conditions. Southwest Functional medicine has the ability to check the amount of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system compared to the amount of harmful bacteria, check intestinal permeability, and more.  

Great Plains Laboratory uses IgG (immunoglobulin G) test results to show sensitivities to food. This can help relieve patients of neurological, gastrointestinal, and bowel movement disorders. By utilizing this test, our practitioners can see which foods are related to headaches, bloating, mood changes, fatigue, and more without having to do an elimination diet. A leak in the intestinal wall can cause various symptoms. By testing and discovering foods causing problems in the intestinal wall, patients will see optimal results and symptom reduction quicker.

Doctors Data provides a diagnostic test to assess digestive and absorptive functions in the gut. Doctors Data is also able to detect if there are pathogens, specific bacterias, and yeast. By determining what bacteria is in the gut and if there are particular bacterias and fungi, our treatment plan designed for you becomes more specific and unique to target and treat your gut and overall health.

Gastrointestinal health and function are important. These tests help us discover and rule out a wide variety of symptoms and causes. We recommended a GI biome test of some kind to the majority of patients. Depending on the individual, we may use one of the above tests or one of these other highly successful and advanced companies Vibrant Wellness, Diagnostic Solutions, Dunwoody Labs, or US Biotek.  

Brain & Mind  

There are many diagnostic markers that we can obtain from brain and mind tests. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in our body that are used by the nervous system to transfer information. If there are imbalances occurring in these neurotransmitters or with the blood-brain barrier, we see an increase in health conditions.

ZRT is a lab company that understands how the dysregulation of the nervous system can impact overall health. ZRT has a neurotransmitter test that includes a range of 14 neurotransmitters and metabolites in its testing. If the nervous system gets out of balance, it will begin to composite, leading to neurological symptoms.  

Vibrant Wellness offers a test that assesses very specific antibodies to antigen recognition. With this test, we are able to view a panel of 48 neurological antibodies. This information guides us towards solutions and gives us the upper hand by being a  vital resource in catching early risk detection and an enhanced focus on prevention.  

Other great brain and mind companies we use at Southwest Functional Medicine include Labrix, Dunwoody, and Cyrex. 


Micronutrient testing provides information to individuals and providers. The body requires Macronutrient and Micronutrients to properly function. Macronutrients are those obtained through diet, such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Micronutrients are the smaller essential components such as vitamins and minerals that are responsible for how the body produces enzymes, hormones, and other substances essential for growth and development.  

Spectra Cell is a company that measures how functional the micronutrients in your system are. Spectracell is able to assess the past 4-6 months of micronutrients and determine where your performance is and what is lacking. They have a unique technique that reports what nutrients are needed and breaks down the krebs cycle for each practitioner and patient to see how these essential micronutrients are impacting areas such as energy and metabolism. Nutritional status is highly relevant and can help us determine what areas you may be at risk for.  

Genova Nutritional Test ION is a nutritional profile. This test has the ability to measure 125 essential nutrients that help practitioners to identify nutritional deficiencies. This test evaluates vitamins, oxidative stress, fatty acids, amino acids, toxic elements, and nutrient markers. This test is highly recommended for patients who have mood disorders such as depression or anxiety, suffer from headaches, have a family history of cardiovascular risks, or are curious in their sports fitness optimization. Over time, nutritional deficiencies can lead to chronic health conditions.  

Complete list of Labs Used 


DNA Life: www.dnalife.healthcare/  

Diagnostic Solutions: www.diagnosticsolutionslab.com/  

GenoMind: www.genomind.com/  

Labrix: www.labrix.com/Home  

IntellxxDNA: www.intellxxdna.com/  

3×4 genetics: www.3x4genetics.com/  

Viome: www.viome.com/  

23andMe: auth.23andme.com/login/?next=/authorize/%3Fscope%3Dopenid%26state%3D%257B%2522origin_uri%2522%253A%2B%2522%252Ftools%252Fdata%252Fdownload%252F%2522%257D%26redirect_uri%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fyou.23andme.com%252Fauth_callback%252F%26response_type%3Dcode%26client_id%3Dyou  

Helix: www.helix.com/pages/store?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=73804905235432&utm_term=helix&utm_campaign=Helix-B-S-Brand-Alpha&msclkid=beb70b5113511804185a57089ab80a19  

Habit: habit.com/  

Spectra Cell: www.spectracell.com/profile/login.aspx?Redirect=/provider-services  



Spectra Cell: www.spectracell.com/profile/login.aspx?Redirect=/provider-services  

DUTCH: dutchtest.com/ 

Doctors Data/ Labrix: www.labrix.com/SalivaryHormoneTesting  


GI & Allergy: 

Diagnostic Solutions: www.diagnosticsolutionslab.com/tests/gi-map 

Vibrant Wellness: www.vibrant-wellness.com/ 

Great Plains Laboratory: www.greatplainslaboratory.com/ 

Doctors Data: www.doctorsdata.com/  

US Biotek: www.usbiotek.com/ 

Dunwoody Labs: oldsite.dunwoodylabs.com/ 

Brain & Mind:  

Labrix: www.labrix.com/NeurotransmitterTesting  

Dunwoody: oldsite.dunwoodylabs.com/index.php/profiles/neurotransmitter-profile/ 

Cyrex: www.cyrexlabs.com/CyrexTestsArrays/tabid/136/Default.aspx  

ZRT: www.zrtlab.com/test-specialties/neurotransmitters/  

Vibrant Wellness: www.vibrant-wellness.com/tests/neural-zoomer-plus/  


Spectra Cell: spectracell.sitewrench.com/search-tests 

Genova Nutritional Test ION: www.gdx.net/product/ion-profile-nutritional-test-blood  

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