The Body’s Joints and Protection From Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is said to affect around 1.5 million individuals. Recognized as an autoimmune condition that presents with chronic pain in the body’s joints. It…

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Arthritis: A Functional View

There are currently 54 million adults who suffer from Arthritis. Additionally, about 9% of adults have some type of arthritis-attributed activity limitation. The CDC predicts the number of those diagnosed with arthritis will only continue to rise in the years coming. Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. With Arthro meaning joint and itis referring to inflammation, it is clear that joint inflammation is the symptom being referred to. Many conventional approaches to arthritis treatment are aimed at reducing the inflammation of the joints. These medications also come with a heavy dose of side effects including kidney failure, gastritis, and bleeding in the stomach. Looking from a functional perspective, we pinpoint what is causing the inflammation in the first place. By resolving the overall inflammation in the body and creating a holistic plan to treat and reduce what is causing the inflammation, the joint inflammation ultimately subsides.

Insulin Resistance: Causes & Solutions | El paso Health

Insulin Resistance: Causes & Solutions

Insulin resistance is linked to major health conditions such as: obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), artery disease, cancer, arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases. To reduce your chances of insulin resistance, take the steps to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Some simple steps include reducing your intake of sugary drinks and only drinking water, exercising regularly, and cutting out sugar, carbs, and foods with a high glycemic index.