What Is Health Coaching? 

The need for health coaching is becoming essential in the healthcare world. Health coaching improves a patient’s overall health, sharpens their decision-making skills, increases their self-awareness, boosts their confidence, provides support, and helps to bridge the gap between basic information and knowledge-based information. Personalized plans result in patients reaching their overall health and wellness goals faster and more efficiently. Southwest Functional Medicine has health coaching available for in-person appointments, or through individualized, personalized telemedicine. 


How Can A Health Coach Help Me?

Health coaches work one on one with patients for them to achieve optimal health and wellness benefits. Health coaching is not just for weight loss or weight gain, but for any goal pertaining to health in general. Health coaches sit with patients and map out their goals. Part of this is realizing what goals are attainable in what time frame and determining the smaller steps to get you there. Health coaching works with the six dimensions of wellness, focusing on bringing health to all areas of your life, not just physical. 

There is a lot of contradicting information out there when it comes to diets and lifestyles. Health coaching works by providing you with accurate information and by helping you make lifestyle adjustments that are targeted to best benefit you. 

By having a health coach, you will get an individualized plan that suits your needs. We understand that nutrition and health are not things that should be handled by a “one size fits all” approach.  Health coaches will also be there to guide you through any opticals or tough times you may come across during your biotransformation journey. We give you the extra support you may need to overcome these challenges, and we always keep you motivated and accountable. Health coaches keep in mind your values and goals and are willing to put together a plan that fits right into your life to get you back on track to being the healthiest you! 


How Does Southwest Functional Medicine Use Health Coaching? 

Southwest Functional Medicine health coaches work with each patient to set and guide them through their personal health goals. We use top of the line technology to receive the most accurate information, improve patient care, increase motivation, keep patients involved in their programs, and increase their outcomes. 

Southwest Functional Medicine utilizes its own app that instantly connects patients to their health coach. The app allows health coaches to schedule appointments with their patients and shows patients when their next appointment is. Our app also features top of the line features such as HIPAA -Compliant messaging, reporting, integrated connected devices (Fitbit, apple watch, or a smart band directly from us), full-featured meal logging, progress tracking, exercise logging, pain tracking, video conferencing, and a media library full of articles we upload that are beneficial and specific to your health goals. 

The HIPAA-Compliant messaging allows your health coach to quickly and effectively respond to any questions you may have regarding your nutritional wellness plan, lifestyle adjustments, or other concerns that arise between appointments. The appointments themselves can be conducted in person, via phone, or by using the apps video conferencing feature. This allows us to fully help our patients from a remote location, ensuring you stay on track no matter where you are! 

Our app is fully integrated with apple health kit, google fit, Fitbit, seca mBCA, LevL, and a smart tracker we provide our patients with if they do not already own a smartwatch. With our watch being integrated with these devices, health coaches are able to get instant information in regards to exercise, heart rate, steps, and overall activity levels. 

In addition to our app being connected to smartwatches, it is also connected to a smart scale. Our smart scale measures weight change, body fat change, lean mass change, water mass change, BMI change and BMR change. This data is uploaded to your coach as soon as you step on. The main reason we use a scale that detects all these changes is because it is far more accurate than just weight alone. It also helps us see the real progress our patients are making even if the weight itself is not moving. 

We make sure that we are always available for you at the click of a button!  Health coaching gives you your own personal cheerleaders, guiding you and cheering you on every step of the way. We make sure success happens. 

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