What Is Health Coaching? 

The need for health coaching is becoming essential in the healthcare world. Health coaching improves a patient’s overall health, sharpens their decision-making skills, increases their self-awareness, boosts their confidence, provides support, and helps to bridge the

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A critical component to finding solutions is first assessing what is occurring inside the body. Diagnostic and comprehensive testing helps us discover the underlying issues and where the signal pathways between the systems are being interfered

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There are six dimensions of wellness that incorporate all different aspects of life. These six dimensions promote emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. All of these factors are highly important and have a direct impact on health. “Getting

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Nutrition is the dietary support your body needs to provide proper nutrients, energy, and function to cells. We are able to use tools such as biology and lab testing to understand the genetic makeup of each individual. This allows us

Holistic medicine is patient-centered. This form of healing takes the entire person into consideration when coming up with a treatment protocol. By taking the entire body into consideration, holistic medicine bases its practices on the interconnections of the body. When

Functional medicine requires doctors to continue their education and re-evaluate how they treat patients, including clinical decision thinking. Functional medicine stems from the basis and clinical application of understanding “whole body” wellness and the interconnection between organ systems and their