We’ve talked about neuroinflammation and its causes and how the effects of neuroinflammation impact our brain and, therefore, our body. Accordingly, it is only fair to talk about neuro-diagnostics, applying neuro-diagnostics, and what neuro-diagnostic test to run.

About 5-10% of the global population is affected by an autoimmune disorder. Eventually, every autoimmune disorder will target the peripheral or central nervous system in different ways. Today, more than ever, we can use technology to facilitate the detection of neurological diseases, the risk of developing an autoimmune response due to a previous injury, viral disease, or infection. Finally, this finding will lead us to provide the patient with the best protocol treatment that rebuilds the intestinal barrier also prevent an autoimmune disorder.


It is important to bring back the importance of peripheral inflammation and the fact that it can lead to immunity when there is an exaggerated inflammation reaction. Hence, if the immunity reaction cannot be modulated, it can lead to autoimmunity, making us prone to neuroinflammation. Once neuroinflammation starts, our glial cells get primed and activated; hence the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines, secondary injuries, or inflammation can exacerbate a deranged effect.

This is when neuro-diagnostics need to be performed, and here we introduce you to Neuro Zoomer Plus, by Vibrant America. This amazing, complete, and standardized test is what we use when patients come in with these symptoms:

Signs and Symptoms Associated with Neurological Autoimmunity

Cognitive decline



Memory loss


Balance problems


Alzheimer’s disease

Multiple sclerosis


Muscle spasms

Huntington’s disease


Parkinson’s disease




Myasthenia gravis

Muscle stiffness

Optical decline

Neuromyelitis Optica

History of concussion



Demyelinating diseases

Neural ZoomerTM Plus is designed to assess 48 neurological antigens that are related to numerous neurological diseases. Therefore, with specific recognition of each antibody, we can treat diseases directly from the root cause and provide a solution.

Vibrant Neural ZoomerTM Plus is a powerful, advanced, complete, and reproducible tool, and its main purpose is to detect risks for the development of serious neurological conditions. Early detection will also lead to a better treatment protocol and an improved quality of life, and preventing neurological degeneration.

Autoimmune markers included in Vibrant Neural Zoomer Plus:

The Neural Zoomer Plus

The Neural Zoomer plus determines if your patient results are positive for a specific antibody quantitatively. The positive cutoff is considered 97.5 percentile, 92.5-97.5 is considered borderline, and less than 92.5 is negative. The results can be accompanied by a Neuro Zoomer Lifestyle guide that provides an in-depth explanation of what changes need to be done and why. Learn more about Neural Zoomer Plus in this video.


In conclusion, neuroinflammation is associated with peripheral inflammation caused by viral disease and injury. Among many other factors that can promote neuroinflammation, autoimmunity plays a major role in impacting a patient’s health. Providing a complete diagnostic tool such as Neural Zoomer Pus that measures the most studied antibodies is essential to provide the best treatment protocol.


 Neural Zoomer Plus. Vibrant America. 2020


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